3 Secret Weapons

A tactical, innovative and inspirational combination of good deed doers are needed to end slavery!


“The only way we’ll be able to properly identify the sources of slavery is if we continue to insist that survivors of slavery are the experts on slavery. People who have been enslaved know what works on the ground; what’s effective and what’s a lot of hot air policy or procedure that will do nothing to change the reality.”


Noelle Damico, Campaign for Fair Food Keynote for the Freedom Network U.S.A. Human Trafficking Conference

“You would be hard pressed to find a counter trafficking specialist, advocate or expert who doesn’t think this is a good idea. You would be harder pressed to find this counter trafficking solution actually being used. The Drive is changing that.


To understand the potential of survivors leading the way, one simply needs to look at the way cancer survivors and their families are often the strongest advocates for research and support. I’m learning from their efforts in Australia.”


Aaron C. Caldwell, Master of Ceremony: A Forum on Human Trafficking – Q.U.T., Brisbane, Australia 2009


Is ending slavery actually possible?


It is, and it comes down to getting good-hearted people like you to help, just a little bit, on a global scale.


When you join Tribe30, you are making a modest investment in time and $ with a HUGE impact.


The 30 million people enslaved around the world today need you to join Tribe30 later in 2015. Simply give $1 and ask 3 of your friends to do the same – if you Give-it-Forward to end slavery, we can, together, create a slave free world!


You are a Secret Weapon because slave holders won’t see you coming (let alone in the millions!).

Secret Weapon #2

Normal, Awesome People

Like You

heroes like you

Empowering You

Meet Aaron, the husband and little chief, and Molly, his wife, the big chief. Married in May of 2015, they are an example of what a motivated family can do to Give-it-Forward in hyper drive.


As Tribe30 project staff and lead entrepreneurs, they bring individual passion and flare through personal experiences and a mission to leave a lasting impact. Oh, and their puppies Odin and Mika are along for the ride offering love and moral support!


(Not So) Secret Weapon #3

A Family


Empowering Families


It was Rosa, a 14 year old Mexican trafficking survivor turned hero who forever changed the life of Aaron/The Driver.

It was Rosa’s courage in speaking out to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2000, and her powerful words that compelled Aaron to help locate a 14 year old Vietnamese child trafficked to Taiwan.

Based on Rosa’s boldness and counter trafficking advocacy work, Aaron created Good Deeds International, an organization that would help chisel away at the 30 million peopled enslaved in the world today.

Good Deeds International and The Drive are paying special attention to the 1.2 million children that join them each year.



A survivor named Laxmi in Nepal speaks about how easily Nepalese girls are tricked into false promises of decent pay for decent work in India. The traffickers tell desperate parents in poverty stories much like that of Vietnamese Rosa; that food, shelter and a job were just over the border.

These ‘trafficking recruiters’ even promise the girls they will be able to regularly send needed money home. Laxmi was tricked and deceived this way into a world of horror. After escaping the talons of forced prostitution and sexual slavery, she joined forces with Plan International to create change in her own community.

After a few years of counter trafficking leadership development and practical advocacy, Laxmi can now account for the individual health and well-being of every child in her neighborhood. A hero indeed.


Theresa Flores

Theresa was a 15 year old American girl from a wealthy family enslaved within Michigan. In 2009, Theresa now has 20 years as a licensed social worker, possessing a Masters in Counseling Education.

She writes monthly magazine articles for personal development, facilitates a monthly kids group and lectures nationally on human-trafficking.

The lives of the people she encounters and teaches change forever. She is a hero who has a faithful following in the North part of the USA, carrying on her call to reduce human trafficking and child exploitation.


The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) in Los Angles embraces the real experiences of the trafficking clients it serves.

CAST has created a Survivor Advisory Caucus, a one-of-a-kind leadership development program where individuals speak publicly on behalf of survivors collectively.

Since 2003, these survivors turned heroes have transformed into advocates and the impact of their voices on policies and public awareness have led to the development of stronger rights and legal protections for victims in both California and within national anti-trafficking laws.


31 female ex-slaves turned politicians and changemakers

Free the Slaves based in Washington D.C. reveals the power of ex-captives turned heroes in Uttar Pradesh, India, in 2006. Ninety-one freed slaves ran for public office, challenging corrupt police and bureaucratic systems. In a revolutionary transformation for rural Indian politics, 31 of the women elected were ex-slaves. Together, they are now “slave-proofing” their communities. A similar framework for change is happening in South America as well.

Ex-captives in Colombia participate in group empowerment in collaboration with scholars, researchers and activists at the Colombian Institute of Anthropology in Bogata. Together, they lead workshops on trafficking issues affecting women in the local community.


Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), is a community-based organization represented mainly by Latino, Mayan Indian & Haitian immigrants, former ex-captives and indentured servants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida.

These heroes demonstrate that nothing is impossible.

In 2001, they launched the first-ever farm worker boycott of a major fast-food company: the national boycott of Taco Bell. The campaign calls on the one of the world’s largest fast-food giants to take responsibility for human rights abuse in the fields where its produce is grown and picked.

Taco Bell eventually met all of the demands of exploited agricultural workers. As a result, wages and working conditions for Florida tomato pickers in its supply chain have improved. Now the CIW is working with McDonald’s to monitor conditions in the fields as well as investigating rights abuse.


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Meet Aaron

Aaron was bit mischievous growing up, and has since channeled that energy into good works. He is a Social Entrepreneur & Educator with leadership, teaching and non-profit project experience in 5 countries. One of his most recent experiences involved establishing an international service learning program to counter child trafficking in the Solomon Islands for the world’s first Creative Industries Faculty at one of Australia’s top institutions, Queensland University of Technology. He has been a Keynote speaker at major leadership conferences worldwide on topics such as “How Shall We Respond to the Dreams of our Youth?”. Aaron is also an Americorps scholarship recipient for the creation of Good Deeds International, 1 0f 22,000 students selected for Western Michigan’s Leadership Award in 2003, selected as Field Service Staff for the Prague Summer Program at Charles University in the Czech Republic, and has produced pilot films airing in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as organizing one of kind academic conferences in Australia to educate people about human trafficking.


Aaron has a diverse higher education spanning 11 years full time. He has completed ½ of a Professional Doctorate linked to creative counter child trafficking research and development, possesses an M.A. International Relations – Counter Human Trafficking, an M.A. Socio Cultural Foundations and Educational Thoughts – Non Profit Management, and a B.A. Mass Communications. Aaron’s true passion is to inspire others to reach their goals while enjoying freedom and living in dignity. He often indulges in too much ice cream.


Meet Molly

Molly is an innovative & fervent educator and perpetual student of life currently working as an ESL teacher at a public middle school in Texas. Her instructional style implores the natural spark of curiosity within each learner, igniting it into a burning desire to acquire knowledge and hone academic ability. Through the personable manner in which she builds rapport with her students, she is able to discover their interests and utilize them as fuel for motivation.

Following her fascination for all things Japanese & worldly cultures in general, she transplanted to Hawaii where she obtained a Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Unable to leave her pug, Odin, behind while she went gallivanting around the world, Molly returned to Texas where she is now working as the Creative Director for Tribe30 using her talents to end modern day slavery and put a stop to human trafficking. Molly is a master wordsmith, has an inhuman attention to detail, and is quite skilled at doodling adorable animals.