The Plan & Journey

Uniting 30 Million Heroes to

Liberate 30 Million slaves & The Slave Drive

The drive to stop the traffik

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the Problem: 30 Million Slaves Exist in the World Today
the Plan to Free Slaves: In 2015 we will begin recruiting 30 Million new heroes to join Tribe30 to help liberate 30 Million men, women and children in slavery
the Opportunity: Most people don’t know slavery and human trafficking exists. When people like you do learn, they want to help end it

The simplicity to end it   give-it-forward 

Pay X Give It Forward

Give-it-Forward is an old good deeds concept with a twist. Starting from Georgetown, Texas, one motivated family will invite 3 friends to join Tribe30 online for $1, and ask them to invite 3 of their friends to do the same, over and over again. This Give-it-Forward approach makes it insanely simple to outnumber the bad guys! All you need is an internet connection, $1, and a few buddies to help be a part of one of the largest abolitionist tribes in history!

Now get this, if each new member asks 3 friends to join Tribe30 and they do so within one week, guess what, it will take less than 2 years to reach our goal of 30,000,000 Tribe30 Members!

To get people like you to join Tribe30, we will present Give-it-Forward Tribe30 special events during The Slave Drive, the around the world tour via a mobile school.

Our (soon to be) online Give-It-Forward widget will allow you to see where you are on the 30,000,000 lifeline, those you have recruited, and how much you’ve all given to end slavery.

Individuals, companies, organizations and small businesses can join. New Tribe30 Members can sponsor a survivor, help fund a project beating the bad guys, and support heroes leading the movement in countries around the world.

Each new Tribe30 Member can show off their support by getting a T-shirt, bumper sticker or kitchen magnet with their actual Name and Member # on it.

What Tribe30 Member # will YOU be?


The InnovatioN – The Slave Drive


Starting from  Austin/Georgetown Texas then Going Global

The Slave Drive, also known as The Drive to Stop the Traffik, is one creative component that will enable us to recruit, educate and empower 30 Million Heroes like you to help liberate the world’s estimated 30 Million Slaves.

Although anyone will be able to join Tribe30 at any time online, The Slave Drive and special Give-it-Forward Tribe30 events are rolling out in Phases. As Tribe30 membership grows, The Slave Drive & The Drive to Stop the Traffik expands:

Phase I

Georgetown, Texas Tour

3,000 Tribe30 members recruited


Phase II

State of Texas Tour

30,000 Tribe30 members recruited


Phase III

USA Tour

3,000,000 Tribe30 members recruited


Phase IV

The World Tour – 30 Countries

30,000,000 Tribe30 members recruited

The Survivors

Survivors-turned-Hero are having major impact ending slavery in their own neighborhoods as we speak. We want to find more of these brave souls and fund their efforts in the future. As we engage in the around the world tour, we will specifically seek out and learn from survivors currently beating the bad guys. Additionally, we will inquire what trainings or support could increase their impact – and get it to them.

The ONline School

A portion of Tribe30’s $ will go toward funding the creation of an online training program. Nothing like it exists. Utilizing the skills and research of Superheroes currently on the front lines of human trafficking prevention, Tribe30 will develop an online school to educate people on ways to prevent & end human trafficking in their neighborhoods.

Now is the time to get involved in the early stages of a Mass Movement to End Slavery

Important to note, Tribe30 is an important, global opportunity capable of uniting a force in numbers to actually end slavery. Our goal is to outnumber the bad guys and to have average, good-hearted people like you learning, giving and doing just a little to end slavery. We believe most people have $1 to give and 3 friends willing to join Tribe30. The cause is simple; our Heroes like you simply want to ensure dignity and freedom from fear for the men, women and children that don’t have it. will become a Powerful and easy to use abolitionist Tool
Uniting one of the Largest Abolitionist Networks in the World – starting Online.

The End is Possible

How realistic is recruiting 30,000,000 through a Give-It-Forward campaign? Easy peasy!

Remember the simplicity to outnumber the bad guys! If each new member asks 3 friends to join Tribe30 and they do so within one week, guess what, it will take less than 2 years to reach our goal of 30,000,000 new Tribe30 Members!

Remarkable Results and Making History
Review estimated campaign impact on slavery
& total $ transparency