The Impact & Transparency

Impact – The Reason we Create Change

The nonprofit sector in the USA and in other nations meets important social needs. It’s a simple concept. Concerned citizens with a passion and a skill set start businesses to meet people’s needs, needs that fall through the cracks of government efforts or of shortcomings and limitations.

Tribe30 is no different. We are a modest social enterprise, that draws on members and partners to reach our ambitious goals of helping to prevent and free people from slavery.

So, what are the intended results of doing good deeds and giving $?  IMPACT.

You see, when people put their hearts and souls into making the world a better place, and when people like you give money to and join a movement like Tribe30, we know you want assurance that those you trust to create change are actually making an impact.

When you give your $1 to join Tribe30 the investment goes towards 4 IMPACT AREAS to end slavery on a global scale…

  • YOU – inspiring, educating and recruiting 30 million heroes around the world to join Tribe30 (online trainings for new members will be available soon)
  • Super Heroes – funding survivor-turned-hero and 5 Star organizations and programs already having impact in the areas of prevention, intervention and education
  • Training Super Heroes to Train new Super Heroes – investing in new abolitionists to study advanced counter trafficking in an elite training and leadership school or education program
  • Smartening Up for The Future – research so that we better learn how to impact the prevention and reduction of future trafficking and slavery phenomena

Once you join Tribe30 later in 2015, you will get access to online trainings for human trafficking prevention in your own neighborhoods! Our overarching tactic to create change and to see real impact is to invest in a new generation of networked Abolitionists. Tribe30 will use best Monitoring & Evaluation techniques to determine broad and specific impact in each of the 4 core areas. As we build a foundation, our impact will grow.

So how does Transparency work?

Transparency and accountability is equally as important as Impact. Strict guidelines by the state and federal government build a foundation of financial accountability. A board of directors and external vendors provide valuable governance and oversight of both financial matters and keeping the focus on the mission and intended impact.

At Tribe30, we operate under local laws and nonprofit best practices:

  • staff and board members construct an annual budget.
  • quarterly, both the board and an external accounting firm is hired to track all contributions and expenses towards the budget.
  • annually, Tribe30, as a campaign and charitable business, reports to the state and federal agencies based on strict reporting laws.
  • Tribe30 then puts its annual, externally audited report online available to the general public for review.